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Step inside The Circle by subscribing for a monthly delivery of Ovant. You automatically join The Circle when you subscribe. There is no other cost.


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Choose the distillations you want for your first delivery. You can swap the distillations you would like delivered each month.


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Common Questions

What is a personal blending class?

If you join The Circle and order 6 bottles a month we will host you for an online class where you will work with one of our Founders to develop your own unique distillation. We will work together to understand your aroma and flavour preferences. From there we will work through a range of botanicals to find the blend that suits you.

We will then create your own unique distillation that reflects your chosen blend and send you a bottle to enjoy and share with your friends. Or, if you are able to travel to Margaret River, you can visit the Distillery and we can try it together!

When will I receive my monthly bottles?

The first delivery date will be the 15th of April. Then deliveries will be made on the 15th of each following month (as close to that as possible). If you join on the first of March, you will receive your first delivery of the 15th of April and then the 15th of each subsequent month.

Can I change the number of bottles I receive each month?

Yes. Contact us here and we can change the number of bottles you receive each month.

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